Max 106.3 Transmitter Tower Battery Project 2016

WSUS-FM 2010 Storm & Lightning Strike


77 WABC Through The 60's and 70's

WINS 1958

WKMB-AM 2007

WMCA-AM 1998

1130 WNEW-AM 1998

103.7 WNNJ-FM Back-Up

WPAT-AM 1970's

WSUS-FM 102.9 Translator

1360 WTOC Harris Transmitter

250 Watt DTV Transmitter

Tony at The WNYE Transmitters

WQCD,WRKS,WQHT Transmitters

LPTV CH-60 Transmitter

Tony at WKMB's CCA Tube Transmitter

WDDM-FM Holmdel Transmitter & Translator

WLTW 106.7 Transmitter at The Empire State Building & Tower

WKMB Transmitter Building & Tower

WADO 1280AM Transmitter

WBBR 1130AM Transmitter

WMTR 1250AM Transmitter

WYSL 1040 AM Transmitter

WZAA 92.7FM Transmitter

Dianne Dee at WUBT UPN 24 Transmitter

WODI Nautel Amphet 1 Transmitter

CBS Audiomax,Volumax & Gates Mod Monitor

Aural Tube From CH 24 WUTB Baltimore

WEVD ( now WEPN ) Nautel XL-60 Transmitters

WKBW 1520 Buffalo, NY

One Tower Base of WKBW

WB's CH 54 in Baltimore ( 2 million watts )

MY RCA BTA-1R1 Transmitter From WERA 1590

WSYR Syracuse NY Building & Towers

WHCY 106.3 Blairstown ( ex: WFMV ) Antenna

WMTR 1250AM Morristown Tranmitters with Day & Night Phaser

WHCY New Transmitter aka WFMV

WFMV Harris Exciter For Original WFMV Tube Sparta TX

WHCY aka WFMV Transmitter Building on Catfish Mountian